Speech Therapy and Pedagogical Services


Arenas School Community’s Counseling Service is a department that provides Speech Therapy and Pedagogical Services to our students and families. Preventing and counseling objectives are focused on detecting issues through assessments, pedagogical reports and accommodations in order to teach, advise and develop skills.


Intervening and monitoring behavior issues.

Hyperactivity / Impulsiveness

Attention problems and/or hyperactivity/impulsiveness.

Development Delay

Following and stimulating potential cases of development delay.

High Abilities

Detecting potential high intellectual abilities.

Language Impairments

Detecting and intervening language impairments at the Speech Therapy service (dyslalia, dysphemia, language delay, speech delay, reading literacy or written language issues).


Counseling and support for families and teachers; students’ reading process monitoring, and academic and career counseling for students.

We apply innovative programs—like Grapho-Psychology, which consists in measuring various mental skills through the analysis of calligraphy tests—that have a positive impact in students’ performance, improve their attention and focusing (also in students diagnosed with ADHD) and serve for a better information recompilation on their attitude.